Job Description

Director of Discipleship


The Director of Discipleship will provide overall direction, coordination, and implementation of the spiritual formation ministries of the congregation, including children’s, youth, young adult and adult discipleship ministries.


A strong personal commitment to Jesus Christ is first and foremost; a Spirit directed desire for working with young people and meeting their needs within the evangelical Christian framework is also of great importance.  Commitment should be to youth and education as a career focus.  We seek stability in this position, and it should not be viewed as an interim position.  A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required.

    • Develop and implement ministries designed to make fully formed followers of Jesus
    • Interact and communicate effectively with youth by building strong, vibrant interpersonal relationships
    • Provide opportunities for youth to experience ministry, mission, and outreach opportunities, both within and outside the church
    • Function as the leader of ministries for students in 6th – 12th grades
    • Recruit, organize, train, motivate, and supervise children and youth ministry volunteers and leaders through regular team meetings and focused training
    • Work with or teach Sunday School classes on a regular basis
    • Select educational materials used in pre-school through high school programs in partnership with the children and youth volunteers
    • As a key member of a team ministry, the Director will:
      • Attend Consistory and Education and Evangelism committee meetings as appropriate.
      • Attend staff meetings
      • Maintain flexible office hours for interaction with students and other members of the congregation and community.
      • Administrate discipleship opportunities such as Adult classes, Bible studies, or small groups.
      • Oversee technology – projection during worship, online worship ministry and the website
      • Support the Senior Pastor by assisting with tasks as assigned.
    • Assist in worship services – including but not limited to the children’s sermon
    • Partner with the Senior Pastor to develop student roles and engagement in the worship service
    • Opportunities to fill pulpit periodically if desired for further growth
    • The Director is accountable to Consistory under the direction of the Senior Pastor
    • The Director shall submit a monthly report to Consistory outlining key activities planned and completed
    • The Director shall submit to a regular review by the Executive Committee of Consistory for the purpose of encouragement, celebration, and constructive criticism
    • Salary range will be commensurate with education, experience, and qualifications