The nursery is available during Worship Service, but currently not staffed. 

Our objective in the nursery is to provide a safe and loving environment for our children, providing their parents with the time to worship and attend services.  The nursery is available to parents during the times of the Worship Service.  There is a TV in the room where the church service can be viewed.

Age: The nursery is available for newborns through three years old. All healthy infants and toddlers are welcome to attend while their families attend services, if they wish. Parents must be on the Silver Creek campus if their child (children) is/are in the nursery.   Children ages 4 or older are welcome to join their family in the morning worship service.

Nursery Attendants: There are two attendants every Sunday in the Nursery: one adult and one helper. All nursery attendants, over the age of 18, are required to have a background check.